About Afrouz R.Studio

Paris based creative studio founded by Afrouz Razavi, specializing in visual communications and graphic design.
The studio practice an interdisciplinary design to elaborate issues related to visual identity languages, at local and international scale.

  • Art Direction
  • Visual Identity & Graphic Chart
  • Print & Publications
  • Exhibition & Installation Design
  • Signage Design
  • Illustration & Mapping
  • Digital & Web Design


⇢ Grand Paris Grand Est
⇢ Emmanuelle Colboc Architects
⇢ Basalt Architects
⇢ Mairie du 16e arrondissement de Paris
⇢ Mairie Neuilly-sur-Marne
⇢ Mairie Épinay-sur-Seine
⇢ Agence Parisienne
⇢ Atelier théâtral Jérôme Huguet
⇢ Éditions Alternatives-Gallimard
⇢ Grand Paris Express
⇢ Musée des Confluences 
⇢ 104 Paris
⇢ Initiatives Solidaires
⇢ Intégral Ruedi Baur Paris
⇢ Civic-City
⇢ À kiko Designers Paris
⇢ Westwing
⇢ Bibliothèques sans frontières
⇢ Université Paris8
⇢ Laboratoire IRB Paris
⇢ Galerie Linda Farrell Paris
⇢ Galerie Anatome
⇢ Team Young & Rubicam


Graphic designer and art director, Afrouz is living and working in Paris since 2006. She graduated from the research laboratory of Paris National school of Decorative Arts and from Paris National school of Fine Arts.
Her work mainly focuses on socio-visual communications for institutes and public spaces. Visual identities, graphic charts, visual communications, informations design and narrative visual languages ​​are the main focus of her creations.

Between 2014 and 2019, She worked with Intégral Ruedi Baur Paris where she had the chance to be part of the team developing graphic design projects such as : 104 Paris, Confluences museum in Lyon, Grand Paris Express, UNESO, Hospital Center Princesse-Grace in Monaco, Etang district in Geneva, etc.
She has already presented her works at the Ecole Sciences Po in Lille, UN-AIDS in Geneva, the School of Design in Essen in Germany, the School of Penninghen in Paris, the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, the University of Trieste in Italy.


2017 First Prize of “AIAP Women Awards”, Rome, Italy
2013 Research grant from ensadlab, school of decorative arts in Paris
2011 Winner of the poster competition prize organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the University of Nantes, France
2006 First prize in the International poster competition on the theme of cultural democracy, Paris
2004 Second prize at the 4th National Festival of Plastic Arts Students, Hamedan, Iran
2003 First prize at the Ibdaa-Awards festival in graphic design, Dubai